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Extraordinary Group Tackles Extraordinary Complexity

Team Spotlight: ICC-NW MRP System Implementation Everybody wants things to get better, but most fear change. This is not true for the people at the ICC Group. Change can be hard, so, it would not have been a surprise to anyone if the ICC Manufacturing crew was resistant when the company decided to implement a […]
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Majoring in Beer? ICC is All In!

The college experience usually involves some amount of beer, cider, and other spirits. But it’s not generally part of the curriculum. In 2018, South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) introduced a new Craft Brewing and Distilling Program to prepare students to open their own craft brewing operations or support existing businesses with their knowledge and […]
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“I have yet to find a situation where a pharmaceutical client said they’d sacrifice a little quality if I can make it cheaper.” ICC Inc. Senior Process Engineer Eric Raibley is a problem solver among problem solvers, but he is the first to tell you that quality is non-negotiable in the design engineering of a […]
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Cannabis, Beer, Spirits Rely on Same Four Keys

What do cannabis extracts, beer, and spirits have in common? Okay, alright—aside from the obvious. Four things are critical to the optimal extraction of THC and CBD from cannabis: time, temperature, pressure, and flow.
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What Would Kyle Do?

  As far as we know, no one at ICC NW has a “WWKD” bumper sticker or coffee mug, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. The “K” is not a typo. It stands for ICC NW President Kyle Sawyer, whose calm, analytical approach only half-jokingly inspired this modified version of What Would Jesus Do? “Probably my […]
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Precision that Saves Time and Money: Smart 3D Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 3D laser scanning and modeling are worth at least a thousand measurements. That’s because 3D laser scanning creates a precise, real-space image by combining digitally mapped “point clouds” and photos of an area like a production line, tank house, or wastewater treatment system. And then with 3D […]
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Better Your Brews with Brew-Specific Design

When the difference between a gold-medal IPA and something that sits on the shelf is one degree, one measly little degree of change in temperature, you can see why brew-specific design engineering is mission critical.
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