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Making the impossible possible


There’s a reason manufacturers call ICC Group when they have what seems like an impossible task or timeline: ICC is really serious when they say “we make the impossible possible.”

A major agricultural processor in central Washington was a case in point, asking ICC’s Parts and Field Services certified contractors to complete phase 1 of a 6 figure installation project in a scant six weeks.

Originally ICC NW had been contracted to manufacture nine stationary and numerous portable stainless steel tanks. When the last tank had been delivered the client decided to award the installation to ICC NW’s team of installation experts. Numerous process piping, and other equipment needed to get installed. In six weeks.

“There was a lot of design on the fly and scope changes, as well, because the client wanted it done right and they wanted it done right now,” says ICC Manager of Parts and Field Services David Kekec. “But our crew approaches everything with a true can-do attitude and we do what it takes to get the job done. We got them to the point where they can start production within a month and a half of stepping on site, which is unheard of.”

In addition to the tight timeline, the job itself was very complex. ICC NW Parts and Field Services Manager Steve Lyons likens it to a “5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that’s all the same color.”
The Parts and Field Services group sells standard and custom parts and provides field services for new installation, maintenance, and repair jobs.

“We pre-assemble piping in our fabrication shop before we get to the site, which gives us a really good understanding of how it’s laid out and how it’s going to be erected,” says Lyons. “It makes installation much quicker.”

ICC also has a unique advantage as a full-service design engineering and fabrication company, skilled at working with clients from the initial design through to the installation and integration. The client benefits from a well thought out design, all dots being connected and no scope changes are necessary. Also, ICC’s field installers have in-house access to all the technology, parts, and custom-fabricated pieces.

A big part of any installation or repair is having the necessary tools and parts. “Our field installers have access to more resources to be successful, backed not just by an entire company of designers, engineers, chemists, certified contractors, and procurement specialists, but also skilled stainless steel fabricators who can support our clients with last-minute, custom fabrication,” says Lyons. “That’s a big part of our reputation for agility.”

With any installation that changes in scope along the way, it’s common to need additional parts. One of the challenges with this client, however, was its remote location—sending ICC staff on eight-hour round trips for the necessary parts.

“Most crews would struggle with that,” says Kekec. “We give them a lot of credit for how incredibly well they’ve managed with the schedule and the scope changes.”

ICC had a crew of 10 on site through most of the installation.

Ultimately, the ICC Parts and Field Services crew completed phase 1 of the installation on time and to the client’s satisfaction. “They were very impressed, given the tough conditions,” says Kekec. “The company owner complimented our team for their hard work, organization, and can-do attitude.” During phase 2 of the installation, the Field Service Crew will fully automate the processing system and substantially complete this project before the end of 2019. Happy New Year!

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