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Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEMICC Northwest fabricates a variety of process vessels for integration into client controlled operating systems.

  • Rheology testing lab
  • Skype outfitted conference rooms
  • ASME Code/ None Code/ 3-A/ AWS Certified Welding
  • Tank rebuilding or repair
  • Size: 60′ ht x 14′ dia (contact for larger dimensions)

General Reports: ASME, Passivation, Profilometer Readings (Ra) ID/OD, Material Test Reports, Hydrostatic Test Validation Documentation (Pharmaceutical Only): NIST Traceable Calibration, Surface Finish, Compliance for Gaskets/O-Rings, Riboflavin Sprayball Test, Compliance for Insulation, Compliance Cert., Electropolish

Procedures: Borescope, QA/QC Manual, Calibration, Incoming Material Inspection Reports, Welding, Mechanical Polishing, Hydrostatic Test, Surface Finish Testing, Electropolishing, Final Inspection Report, Passivation

Calcs: Jacket HTS Area, Seismic, HTS Calculations, Wetted Surface Area, ASME Code

Additional Information: Dye Penetrant Test (standard), Helium Test, Custom Name Tag / Numbering, Weld Maps, Welder Qualification Records, Radiography, Sandblasted Logo, Sample Weld Coupons, Spare Parts List


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