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2-Ton Econo Totes
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Making grapes happier

Shiny stainless steel and smooth temperature control make your fermenting grapes happier. Econo Totes are the perfectly efficient solution to achieve just that and in time for crush.

All totes are handcrafted in Oregon. These stackable, portable, open-top vessels comfortably accommodate 2-tons / ~586 gallons. They are easy to move by forklift channels, which are perfect for rotating forklifts, and come with a drain screen, temperature well, and ice shields. Variable floating lids are available as an option. Send an email with your tote inquiry to info@icc-nw.net.

In case 2 tons is not enough for your needs, check out our larger fermenters here.

Econo-Tote without Manway

  • Open top
  • Lid stops are now included.
  • 60″ diameter x 48″ height (52″ overall height).
  • 2-ton capacity (586 gal.)
  • Heat transfer jacket (24″ dimpled).
  • Temperature well, sample port, 2″ TC racking port
  • Flat floor with 2″ TC sump drain
  • Perforated drain screen (removable with handle)

Econo-Tote with Manway

  • One-arm rectangular manway.
  • 13×16’’ horizontal hinge outswing manway.
  • Easy pomace removal.
  • Lower edge molded to the slope of the tank.
  • Features a full-face sanitary neoprene door gasket.
  • 12ga stainless steel (polished and rugged).
  • Temperature well, sample port, 2″ TC racking port.

Cooling jacket: cold soak and control fermentation heat.

Heating jacket: rapid rise to fermentation temperature.