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JVNW, Inc. is now ICC Northwest, an ICC Group company formed in 2018 after ICC took over operations at JVNW.

Located in Canby, OR (Portland region), JVNW was founded in 1981. The company manufactures custom stainless steel tanks for the food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, pure water and chemical industries.

In our 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Canby, OR, we build tanks in the 7-14 gauge range and up to 1/2 inch thick. The facility can also accommodate the construction of tanks up to 14 feet in diameter and up to 50 feet in overall height. We manufacture our own flanged and dished heads up to 12 feet diameter. Tanks can also be designed and manufactured to ASME section VIII, 3-A cGMP, and UL specifications as well as any seismic requirements that exist.

We are proud to offer two U.S. Patented innovations: The Sanifoil—an ultra sanitary, shadowless impeller; and The Sanibearing—a sanitary steady bearing.

Our product range includes a wide variety of innovative vessels: smart mix tanks with custom agitators, vessels featuring computerized processing controls, and processing systems such as our very popular craft brewing systems. We also build skid systems and pilot plants.

With five regional offices, the ICC Group offers a wide range of services – from greenfield factory design to here-and-now production line adjustments.


We are a small but professional sales force with deep technical experience. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Alex Alexandrov
    Alex AlexandrovChief Executive Officer

    “Have suitcase, will travel” – that’s Alex lifelong slogan. An entrepreneur by birth and electrical engineer by education, Alex also looks back at over 20 years of experience in international management consulting and continues to find creative solutions to almost all of the world’s problems. Alex speaks four languages and worked in the US, the Caribbean, France, Russia, Poland, Denmark and Germany. As VP Marketing & Sales, he successfully established a beer brand, making it the No. 1 beer in the Polish market within one year of his tenure. As a commissioned officer of the US army, he has a disciplined approach to project execution and leads his associates from the front. He is very goal oriented and brings high energy into any environment. If Alex is not ‘living in Terminal 3’ – he gets outdoors on frequent bicycle rides with friends and occasionally challenges himself to conquer high mountains on his bike. Alex is also a proud father of two teenage girls who, he admits, read academic books of which he not even understands the title.

    “I am absolutely energized by the members of our ICC society. Being surrounded by highly educated and capable people with a tremendous work ethic, to me is simply wonderful”.

    • Kyle D. Sawyer
      Kyle D. SawyerPresident

      Tall and slender now, it’s hard to believe Kyle was a super bulked-up college football player. Although Florida born and raised, he played football at Missouri State where he earned his Engineering Degree. He later earned his MBA while working full-time.

      Kyle must really like to play around with metal because he has worked with metal engineering from coast to coast. We have him hooked on Oregon now, but it’s not hard to imagine him lusting for those warm sands in our dark and rainy winter months. He is into mountain climbing and loves the challenge but he will be the fist to tell you that advanced rock climbing has yet to be embraced. Wait….Rock?! Kyle is a wild guitar player and has a talent for attracting even bigger talent. Willy Nelson has signed his guitar and he recently hung out with his buddy Harrison Ford. Okay, he just ran into him at Kyle’s hotel, but they had some laughs.

      We’re all about the details

      Ultra-Sanitary Innovations

      Sanitary Sanifoil Mixer Impeller

      • The leading edge is curved slightly upward, effectively captures CIP spray and redirects solution to the underside of the blade.
      • The impeller-to-shaft union’s strength is derived from its curved shape.
      • The portion of the impeller closest to the hub is configured in a CIP-friendly vertical position to offset the slower relative speed near the center.
      • The trailing edge is tapered to create an axial flow pattern, causing robust agitation and a uniform velocity across the length of the blade.
      • The top surface of the hub is pitched for complete drainage allowing the cleaning surface to flow underneath the hub.


      Sanitary SaniBearing Steady Bearing

      • Three access slots allow a sliding action to secure the bearing on the end of the mixer shaft and through the spider (legs).
      • Easy twist of bearing seats the spider into 3 support slots, reversal of this action allows bearing to slip free while shaft remains fixed.
      • All bearing slots are radiused, all edges are chamfered to 3A sanitary specifications.
      • Radiused milled flats at the end of rotating mixer shaft redirects CIP solution to effectively wash inner bearing surface.
      • Ends of spider are radiused to provide minimal contact to steady bearing.


      Finishes & Welds

      Standard (commonly used) stainless steel welds and finished. Weld sample parent material: 150 grit polished stainless steel, unless otherwise noted.

      migMIG As-Welded

      mig_bufMIG Buffed/Polished

      mig_2bMIG Buffed/Polished, 2B Mill Finish

      mig_doubleMIG Double Pass, As-Welded

      mig_double_bufMIG Double Pass, Buffed/Polished

      mig__d_2bMIG Double Pass, Buffed/Polished, 2B Mill Finish

      tigTIG As-Welded

      tig_bufTIG Buffed/Polished

      tig_2bTIG Buffed/Polished, 2B Mill Finish

      tig150TIG Ground Smooth to 150 grit

      tig180TIG Ground Smooth to 180 grit

      tig240TIG Ground Smooth to 240 grit, Electropolished

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