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3) Select options; if you need different options for more than one tote, please fill out a separate order form

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A 50% deposit is required upon receipt of the invoice to process your order. Once your order ships we will charge the remaining 50% + freight. We typically ship non-customized totes within 7 business days after receipt of your deposit.

You will receive an itemized sales receipt from us and a shipping notification.

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1 – 2 = $5650 per Tote

3 - 4 = $5590 per Tote

5 – 8 = $5500 per Tote

9 – 10 = $5400 per Tote

I would like to order of 2 ton Econo-Tote(s)


Add the following options to my order (please specify quantity needed):

Manway (+$1350)

Floating Lid - for varying capacity storage (+$1770)

Floating Lid Stop - stops the lid from dropping below the halfway point in the tote (+$150)

Temperature Control - plug & play temperature control kit. (+$725)

Valve Kit - incl. (2) 2” butterfly valves, (1) sample valve, (1) dial thermometer (+$420)

Stacking Clips, Set of 4 (+$90)

Floating Lid Manifold Assembly - regulates pressure in the floating lid tube (+$169)

(Freight charges will vary on destination location and quantity ordered. Econo-Totes will be shipped from Canby, OR)

Additional comments or desired specifications

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