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2 Ton Econo-Totes


Econo-Totes are perfect for small lot fermentation needs. These stackable (when empty), portable open top tanks are built for 2 ton capacity. Includes perforated drain screen for easy juice/skin separation. 100% access to cap with optional variable capacity lid.

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Open Top
60″ Diameter x 48″ Height (52″ overall height)
2 Ton Capacity (575 gallons)
Heat Transfer Jacket (24″ dimpled)
12 ga Stainless Steel (polished, but rugged)
Fork Lift Pockets for Rotating

Temperature Well (1/2″ FNPT x 12″ long with brace)
Sample Port (1/2″ FNPT)
Perforated Drain Screen (removable with hangle)
Flat Floor with 2″ TC Sump Drain
2″ TC Racking Port