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Hop Dosing Vessel

Used to safely add hops to fermentation vessels for “dry hopping”
  • 172 Gallon ASME Vessel
  • 304 Polished SS
  • SS Legs with Locking Casters
  • DIN with Cap for Dosing Pelletized Hops into Atmospheric Cellar Tanks
  • 35 PSIG Rupture Disc
  • 25 PSIG Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Assembly with Gauge
  • Sanitary Butterfly and Ball Valves
  • Minimal Oxygen Uptake
  • Load Hops from Ground, No Dangerous Climbing
  • Easily Roll Vessel to Desired Tank for Dosing
  • Works at Low Pressure
  • Safe, Efficient, 1-Person Operation
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