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15 BBL Steam-Fired Brewing System

This 2-vessel brewing system is on its way to Water Street Brewery – Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

  • 15 BBL Full Grain Brewing System
  • 58Cubic Foot Elevated Grist Case, Copper Clad
  • ASME rated Steam Jacketed & Insulated Mash-Brew Kettle/ Whirlpool, Variable Speed Top Entering Agitator, Copper Clad with Decorative Banding
  • Insulated Lauter Tun and ASME rated Steam Jacketed & Insulated Hot Liquor Tank, Copper Clad with Decorative Banding
  • Fixed Height Lauter Tun Rake with Grain-Out Capability
  • Airless Wort Grant with Inspection Light
  • Brewhouse Control Panel & Brewing Platform
  • Two Stage Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger
  • Brewhouse Throughput Time: 5.5 hours
  • Total Daily Output: up to 60 BBL’s in a 24 Hour Period
  • JVNW Hydrator features a clear enclosure, easy to see grain. Slit cap allows for better cleaning of sightglass. Diversion object ensures optimal hydration throughput due to split cap.
  • Swing Link Manifold
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