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Has your brewery system let you down at peak season? 

Do you struggle with efficiency, automation and fine-tuning your system?

Do you need to increase production, want to add automation, or reduce maintenance costs?

Our dedicated team of ‘Brewery Doctors’, headed by Tomas Sluiter, founder of Culmination Brewing and noted brewery consultant, will meet you and test your brewing system to ensure it runs smoothly and delivers the results you expect at all times. 

Book a visit with your Brewery Doctor and have your system and operation set up for continuous success. Follow the doctor’s prescription to:  

  • Improve Brewing Efficiency Quickly
  • Eliminate Growing Pains of Production Expansion 
  • Test Automation Capabilities
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs Fast
  • Enjoy immediate Quality Improvement


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Tomas Sluiter, Founder & CEO
Culmination Brewing

Tomas Sluiter has been in the professional brewing industry in Oregon since 2001. He studied brewing education with the International Association of Brewers and Distillers and the American Brewers Guild

In 2015 Tomas founded and remains CEO of Culmination Brewing Company in Portland, OR, voted Oregon’s best new brewery in 2016. Tomas has brewed collaboration beers for several breweries in Japan and China. Notably in 2017 Tomas collaborated with the Japanese brewery Ise Kadoya. Tomas wrote the recipe, brought the yeast and named the beer Neko Nihiki, ‘Two cats” which has since won several awards and remains one of the top NEIPA’s in Japan. 

In 2018 Tomas became Director of Operations for Mountains Walking brewery in Bozeman, MT, quickly establishing it as one of the top breweries in MT winning gold and silver medals for their NEIPA and Honey Rye

Just recently, Culmination was awarded two gold and a bronze medal in Oregon’s beer awards for hazy IPAs and pastry stouts as well as being named best mid-sized brewery of 2019.