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The questions below will give us the information necessary to provide you with a price quotation that matches the type and size of wine/cider tank(s) you are planning. In addition, we hope that it highlights some of the things that you need to consider in your planning. We look forward to analyzing your responses.

ICC NW Tank capacities 575 gallon - 46,000 gallon

Turnaround time for quotation varies depending on volume of inquiries and information supplied, please call if your needs are more urgent.

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General description of entire order

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Type of Wine/Cider? RedWhiteSparklingCider


Tank Capacity gallonstonsliters


Tank Diameter (inches)

Tank Height (inches)


Top Configuration:

Floor Configuration: If Sloped, in/ft.

Top Manway Style:

Pomace Door:

Racking Door:

Base: | If Legs, what ground clearance is needed? inches

Material Finish: 2BPolishSatin


Dimpled Jacket:

Insulation: YesNo

Top Fittings: VentPump Over SpoolOtherNone

Sump-style Drain: 2 inch3 inch4 inch inches

Racking Port: 1-1/2 inch2 inch inches

Temperature Well: YesNo | If yes, quantity:

Sample Valve: YesNo

Gussetted Mixer Port "Guth": YesNo


Drain Screen: Perforated (NW grapes)Louvered (CA grapes)

Temperature Controller: FujiTankNet PL1None

Ice Shield: YesNo

Ladder Hooks: YesNo


Square Footage Available sq.ft.

Ceiling height in building: ft.


Will you need Bright Cider Tanks? YesNo



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