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De-mystify Extraction with ICC’s automated modules

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ICC’s extraction module is a pre-fabricated, transportable, and automated module which converts hemp into full spectrum oil. The module is housed in a Class 1 Div 2 container and meets fire suppression requirements. A retrofit of your facility is not necessary.

Once the module is securely placed at your production location and connected to your utilities you can start harvesting full spectrum oil (FSO). No more delays and coordination of multiple contractors, equipment manufacturers, and engineering consultants.

The module comes with a high-performance filtration system and fully automated falling film still.

As an option, the module features a control system to accommodate complete traceability making your finished product compliant with FDA requirements.

A built-in security system will ensure your production process is uninterrupted.

One module can convert up to 400,000 lbs of hemp into full-spectrum oil per year.  An increase in production can easily be accommodated by adding more modules.

Distillate & Chromotography

Add a further module to convert your FSO into distillate. At this point, the THC can be removed from your distillate through our automated ICC Chromatography columns.


Do you want to produce Crystals? We can help with our Isolate production module.

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