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What Would Kyle Do?



As far as we know, no one at ICC NW has a “WWKD” bumper sticker or coffee mug, but it wouldn’t be a surprise.

The “K” is not a typo. It stands for ICC NW President Kyle Sawyer, whose calm, analytical approach only half-jokingly inspired this modified version of What Would Jesus Do?

“Probably my favorite thing about Kyle is this style like it doesn’t matter what’s going on or whatever challenge we’re facing—we’ll find a solution,” says Jared McClintock, ICC NW Sales Support, who has worked with Sawyer for eight years.  “I’ve actually sat there looking at a complicated project and literally said to myself, ‘What would Kyle do?’”

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Maybe it’s a byproduct of his extensive industry experience—before becoming general manager and then president, Sawyer worked in operations, engineering, project management, and sales after he was recruited away from a New York tank company 22 years ago.

Maybe it’s something he picked up as a football player at Missouri State while earning his degree in engineering, or at Drury University while going after his master’s in business administration.

Maybe it’s something he learned as a husband and father of four who plays guitar at weekly worship.

Peace, Kyle

Or maybe it’s just who he is. Tellingly, because tone is so easily misinterpreted in email, he used to include at the end of his standard email disclaimer the following message: “Finally, life is too short to get stressed out over the content of my message. Take life one day at a time and live it to the fullest. Peace, Kyle.”

If you ask him, he describes his style as manage-by-walking around: “I like to be involved, see what’s going on, and see things with my own eyes so I understand it.”

He also, unsurprisingly, loves a good challenge. That’s not hyperbole. When the company decided to explore new market possibilities for use of cannabis extracts, Sawyer became the resident “weedipedia” for everything from the various regulations to the different types of extracts to the specs necessary for use of cannabis additives.

“Developing new products is very gratifying,” says Sawyer. “It doesn’t matter if it’s something like cannabis; exploring new markets is fun.”

(His definition of “fun” also explains why his off-hours interests include hiking, climbing, and Sudoku. But, we digress.)

“It sounds boring, maybe, but it’s actually quite complicated figuring out the best tankfor a particular product and market,” says Sawyer. Many of those products represent the major brands you see in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and beauty aisles.

“It’s rewarding to be able to walk through any grocery store knowing that virtually any liquid product you see has been processed in tanks that we had a hand in making,” he says.

Life hits you

The pride you can hear when Sawyer talks about ICC’s products is also there when he talks about the talented people he works with every day.

It’s there, too, in how they talk about him.

“Companies always like to talk about how they’re a family, but you really feel it and see it in action with Kyle,” says McClintock. “Life hits you and he’s there for you with a warm heart and with this reassurance like nothing else matters, and that’s bitchin.’”

His ability to genuinely connect with people at all levels inside and outside the company made Sawyer key to the expansion of ICC Inc. into the Pacific Northwest through strategic acquisition. “He was paramount in keeping operations running smoothly during an uncertain time for a lot of employees,” says ICC Inc. Vice President Alex Alexandrov. “Throughout the transition, he provided a calm and stable guidance that was integral to our success.”

For his part, Sawyer saw that becoming part of ICC Inc. opened up new options for everyone he works with. “I want to not only grow production within this facility but also instill the excitement of growing into emerging markets,” he says. “ICC brings a lot of opportunities to people that we didn’t have in the past.”


ICC is the go-to expert for engineering, production, and manufacturing design Click here to learn more.



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